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Why Do You Need To Hire A Private Investigator

  • When you have problems that affect your business
  • When you are restricted by time or distance to research the problem
  • When your identity is being compromised
  • When you have an unsolved mystery in your family
  • When you are concerned about a person’s credibility or integrity that may adversely affect you.
  • You may need assistance in locating someone
  • Private Investigators assist with civil & criminal matters and litigation support
  • Private investigators develop evidence and examine leads and discrepancies
  • When you need to know the background history of a person or property
  • Private Investigators provide a solution to solving your problems

What Makes Yorkey Investigations Unique?

We offer a unique perspective on looking at things. Just like any two people are not the same genetically, no two cases are the same. There is something different about every case we receive. We take that extra step to ensure that we handle it individually. Stepping back into history sometime provides relevant information for the present which assists in providing clues to the whereabouts of someone. History is a powerful tool for investigating many cases. Digging Deep and providing The Key to the Truth is the ultimate goal at Yorkey Investigations.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to investigate matters of a historical nature where matters of the past have relevance to the concern or our clients in the present.
  • Having visited nearly every archive in Ontario and many locations in the eastern United States, we have uncovered and developed a great deal of relevant information for clients interested in the historical significance of such information. Take for instance a relative who may or may not have come to North America on a certain ship or a certain year. Or more currently who might have been a solder in a recent war and you are looking for any details. We have made an effort to develop an understanding or researching local archives such as the Toronto Archives and the Archives of Ontario, where we are listed as freelance researchers.
  • This type of investigative research has provided us with the unique tools to be able to investigate other types of issues that could involve family law matters to do with civil litigation or even criminal cases. In most cases knowing how to research the records available and knowing where they are located can be of significant importance.
  • At Yorkey Investigations, we will make every effort to not expose ourselves or our clients to legal exposure over the acquisition of records during our investigations. Our experience leads us to believe that most if not all records of relevance to a case or issue can be acquired or developed using legally sanctioned means of investigations and that cutting corners or using illegal and surreptitious means, is unnecessary.