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skyscraper.jpgWe are a private investigation agency owned and operated by a former adjuster/examiner from the insurance industry. Having twenty three years experience hiring and directing many insurance investigations in the past for claims purposes, our experience maybe of benefit to your insurance company.

Our Private investigation Agency can provide a service for your claims and risk management departments to learn more about the background of your adversaries in legal matters and to assist in gathering evidence. We can also provide research/inspection reports for your risk management and underwriting departments.

Yorkey Investigations is a private investigation agency with many years of combined experience in a wide range of areas including the preparation of files for trial.  Our agency is proud of our success at completing assignments with favourable outcomes.  No doubt you will find that Yorkey Investigations will provide insurance investigations at reasonable prices.  The goal at Yorkey is to assist you in clarifying issues and developing the necessary evidence so that you will be ultimately successful in the resolution of your case.