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Yorkey Investigations Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario Canada, is a Licenced Private Investigation Agency. It was established in 2003

Yorkey investigators conduct investigations family research and business issues.

Yorkey investigators assist clients who are attempting to locate lost relatives, friends and associates for which they have a legal purpose. Our agency assists clients who have obtained their adoption records to locate their birth mothers, fathers and siblings, lost relatives and friends. We also investigate matters to do with Heir locating in an Estate Inheritance and documents pertaining to historical records.

Yorkey specialize in investigations which entail Genealogical Research. Our background lends itself to being able to assist clients who need historical records from the Archives of Ontario or Genealogical Data services like We have experience researching many of the Archives and have links around the world. Finally, our investigation research methodology has provided us with experiences dealing with court records, land title registry, municipal records and many other resource centres.

Yorkey Investigations provides free consultations to its clients and potential clients looking for Private Investigation services.

Yorkey investigators are familiar with researching, archives, genealogical organizations, Provincial businesses registered, court record all forms of Internet and social media platforms as part of an investigation.

Yorkey Investigations can be your key to the truth and your eyes and ears to what you need to know.

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